When you set up your office make sure that you can keep it organized. The best way to do this is by setting the last 15 minutes of the day cleaning g your office. File all the papers that you will need in the future. (If you have a file that you are currently working on or will need first thing in the morning make and tab first thing in your file cabinet.) that way you will know where to look each morning at the most important thing to work on. My idea is to only have one thing at a time on my desk that I am working on- take 2 mins when finished and either though it ways if I am done with it or file it . My top file drawer is for projects and company’s that I am actively working on and the second drawer is for my taxes. Remember keep it simple.

It is easier for me to keep my desk clean then it is for me to keep my computer clean. So here are some tips that may help you keep computer clean.

Tip #1 Folders for each client that you have in your business email account.

Tip #2 Clean your desk top – just like your actual desk

Tip #3 Keep you email count as close to 0 as possible
When emails come in deal with them – don’t let them pile up

Tip #4 Google calendars – use it to make sure you stay on task and apts. Google calendars will email a reminder for everything that you put in it. Just make sure to put it in the calendar

Tip #5 Screen Saver- This is a fun one! Make your screen saver a picture of your goal or motivation for working from home. That might be a picture of your family or a dream home. For me it is a picture of Hawaii. Every time I get frustrated or lose sight it is a great little reminder of why I am working.

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to organization. Keep at it and it will make your days easier and more productive. Try some of these tips and see how they will improve the look and feel of your office. (They may even help your look and how you feel!)