Office Furniture

Black and white contemporary office - 3D Rendering

As with everything that I write about my motto is as always ” keep it simple” . What do you need? Here is what I think that you need.

Office Chair
File Cabinet
Two chairs for clients
Plastic thing on the ground

I love glass desks! What I love about the is how clean they look and they don’t take much space. If you don’t like the glass look the try a tinted glass. Your desk should take no more then 25% of your office space. You want to still be able to walk around your desk and have space for your office chair to move around.

When you pick your office chair my suggestion is sit in 20-30 different chairs first before buying one. You need to be comfortable with out wanting to go to sleep. I recommend a high back leather roller chair. I like my office chair to have arms but that is up to you. It should move with you, with out rolling away from you. If you are going for a bold look then you might want a pop of color.

File cabinets are simple but very important. It should make your life easier not more difficult. What I mean by that is make sure you get the right size for your needs. I have a small one that is only 2 drawers. In my job I don’t have a ton of papers most everything is done online and on my computer. But the papers I do have like stuff for taxes are very important. You also need to decide wether you would like a lock on your filing cabinet. If your work involves any credit card information from your clients then the answer is a big yes. I recommend a black filing cabinet, that way you ca put you printer on top and it will blend together.

Two chairs for your clients. Even if you don’t have clients coming to your office ( I don’t but my husband and kids end up sitting in them a lot of the time. These chairs should not have arms or pillows. They should be a little pop of color and they need to be the same. If you choose a pop of color for your office chair then do a neutral color for these chairs.

Plastic thing on the ground for your chair. This will protect the floor under your office chair. If you are on. Carpet it will allow your chair to roll. You need to to decide how big of an area your office chair needs to roll around. I have a small one because I don’t really roll around in my chair. But I have some business partners that roll over to their printers in their office chair and they have a really big plastic thing on the ground.

Now you should have a desk, office chair, filling cabinet, client chairs, and plastic thing on the ground. These are the basics. You have kept it simple so that you can be creative with your decor.