Doors and windows

The dream home office will include these two things. I giant window that looks out to a garden or the ocean and beautiful French doors. The natural light is great for you when you are working. It will help you be more creative and productive. If you don’t have French doors in your home office  or clients then I recommend face your window. This way you can dream about expanding your career looking through that large picture window.

As for the doors, having a door on your office is priority number 1. You need to be able to shut out the noise form your home. It may be nice to have double doors into youroffice but if you do make sure that they block out all of the noise. As I mentioned before I love the look of French doors into your office. It will help bring more nautical light into your office and it gives clean but sophisticated look.

Doors and windows may not be the most exciting thing to think about. But they will probably make the most impact on the overall feel of your home office. Have fun and dream big remember you will be spending most of your day in their space. So make sure that you love it!