Home Office Organization

As I was cleaning my husbands office this week… I realized a couple extra simple things that can really help keep a home office organized. See as I was asking my husband how his office got to messy in 2 months, he replied ” it is hard keeping personal from my business stuff.” He is right it seemed to all be smashed together.

Here is the way we are trying to keep his office looking and feeling organized but giving him some division from his business and our personal bills and policy’s. I know in my earlier posts I suggested being a minimalist and only having one filing cabinet and one paper thing on your desk. But the truth is for a home office that may not cut it. When you run a entire business and family out of one office you separate space for each of them if you would like to be able to find anything I a timely fashion. So a simple fix that coated under $50. One 2 drawer filing cabinet and a dollar store paper holder. He already has a 3 drawer filing cabinet for his business but when I went through it. It was being over run with personal things. So by giving him a filing cabinet just for our family stuff it has made my life easier especially if I need to find something I now know where to look. As for the paper holder on his desk it reminds him of wha still needs to be done for our family. I hope this helps you as you start you home office or are just doing a little spring/ summer cleaning like we are.