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Are you thinking about turning your spare bedroom into a home office, or do you have a functional home office that you would like to make into a beautiful, creative and functional home office. On this website I will help you design every aspect of your home office. Including but limited to-

I can help you create a home office that will make having to work at home a delightful experience. Together we can make your home office a peace, organized and enjoyable ( or as enjoyable as work can be ) Imagine this you have your morning cup of coffee in your warm slippers and robe and you walk through your French doors to a glass top desk and bug leather office chair.  Open your power screens and power shades from home remodel Tacoma.  You open up your lap top and answer some emails while sipping on your coffee. By 10 am you are all caught up on your work all because your office is peaceful clean and organized. That would be amazing right? Well that is possible with my help. All you need to do minimize, organize and be a little creative with my help through home office design.


The first thing that needs to happen in your home office is MINIMIZE! The best way to start doing that is by doing this over a week or a month don’t try and do this in one day. Take a small part of your office and make three piles. The first pile should be throw in the garbage. The second pile donate and the third pile keep. 50% of the stuff and papers should go in the garbage. This will include things that are broken and papers that are no longer needed. 25% of it will be donated to goodwill or your local 2nd hand store. What should be donated things that aren’t broken but might be a couple years old. The last 25% of the stuff you can keep but instead of leaving it on your desk make sure that you put it in a forever spot. What I mean by this is that you find a place that make sense to you but not on top of your desk.

What I have on top of my desk is very limited. It includes my laptop, cell phone charger that I got from Cell Phone Repair Tacoma, one family photo, and holder for pens. That is it! The reason I am so strict with this rule is that when I sit down to work I am not distracted by something else. I also have a file cabinet that I keep my printer on. If you have a little bit bigger desk then I would have a paper holder just for the most important papers that have not been filed yet. (But I have that on my laptop and the business that I am in doesn’t have a lot of papers.) the goal is to keep it simple – minimize the stuff and will get to the creative part with the decor.

I have also had the opportunity to design offices outside of my home including a Gig Harbor Dentist… Kvinsland Dentisry.

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