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4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer

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We got some ideas to makes fireplace decorations for summer, as well as some specific instructions for taking good care of the chimney in summer months. Check out these settings, where we have shared some simple, fast ways to decorate a fireplace during the summer.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer

There are a lot of ways to decorate a fireplace, and every one will fit into the look of every different home, but these are just some of our favorites. I hope that these examples of fireplace decorations for summer inspire you when swapping your seasonal decorations.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 2

This summer fireplace mantel decor inspiration from Love of Family and Home displays greens and blues perfectly, while adding some greenery for some added texture. This subtle, simple summer mantel, featuring blue glass and yellow flowers, is a nice late-summer decorating idea.

My summer pallet mantel is a version of this every day mantel decor which can perfectly transition with the seasons. Technically, it is not a mantel, but swap out that desk for a fireplace mantel and you will have a perfect farmhouse summer mantel decor.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 4

Alas, I do not own a mantel, but if I did, I totally would be decorating my mantel like this for the summer. I loved the way I decorated my mantel last summer, and will be using that big planter that I made for my mantel someday.

Now, as we enter summer, it is time to switch things up on my fireplace mantel so that it is decorated for the summer. When decorating my family room for the summer months, I was on a mission to keep my fireplace decorations simple.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 1

This summer, I wanted something new and different for the mantel of the fireplace, a stone fireplace in my living room. My mind ran through a spectrum of ideas for our fireplace, and I went back and forth between a traditional style fireplace, such as the one we had at our lakehouse, a more contemporary fireplace with a concrete-style finish, and finally (what we ended up doing) a natural stone fireplace with a big, thick, natural-wood mantel.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 6

When I decorated the mantel for the summer, I also removed the large black fireplace screen covering the fireplace, and stored it in the tucked-away cabinet in the foyer. If you do not have time to decorate the mantel, you can use the fireplace screen to add some extra flair with summertime decorations.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 3

During the spring and summer, when the weather is too hot to burn logs, the fireplace can provide another kind of accent for your decor. Other elements that would work well in a fireplace are books. In favor of this option, originality, versus, the challenge of having to take it down during winter, since you would need to find an alternate location for the books when the cold weather arrives.

A simpler idea, and one that has the possibility of using something that you might already own, if there are young children or pets living in your house, is to adorn the fireplace with a screen that is of decorative material. The photo here might not be a fireplace, but this decorative design by Cherished Bliss would work perfectly on a mantel, with either a TV mounted on top, or even with pictures hanging over it.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 5

The paintings on this summery coastal mantel add a great beachy feel to this fireplace decor. What a nice way to showcase a few of those summer photos, as well as anything else that might be around your home that looks like it could be on a trip to the beach.

Giving your mantel decor a beachy summer vibe is simple, simply add a few shells, some (faux) coral, some string here and there, maybe a summery hat, and a few stars, and your coastal mantel decor is complete. When you are looking to embrace the season simply, all you have to do to make a simple summer mantel is to showcase a big mirror flanked by seasonal flower pots.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 7

The key to an amazing mantel design is incorporating the seasons with items you love that represent your own personal style. Whether you are decorating for the autumn, winter, spring, or summer, every season has a charm and elegance you can draw on to create a gorgeous mantel design you will fall in love with.

You can showcase almost any kind of collection on your fireplace in summer, from colorful glassware to beautiful seashells and coral. These decorating ideas can spruce up the mantle and hearth without having to rely on fire, so your living room centerpiece can look great all year long. I really may enjoy the intricate, excessive mantel decorations, but I also like the simpler mantels, such as these, where your eyes can relax and every small element — even something as simple as a tiny white bowl — can be front and center.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 8

I kept the other accessories in this summer mantel farmhouse-styled decoration light and airy, and used all neutral, wooden/natural-toned accessories. I did not purchase anything for this summer mantel decor, just rearranged a few things, moved a little fake greenery around, and simply removed some things. I added some small amounts of blues and greens, which blends with summer decor in my dining room and breakfast nook, but primarily focused on organic, natural elements for my fireplace decorations for summer.

4 Tips To Makes Fireplace Decorations For Summer 9

When I think about spring decorating, I think about spring flowers, blooms, and pastel colors, while when I think about summer decorating, I think about nice, bright green colors. I already decorated my recently-remodeled kitchen with summery touches and made a new peony Summer wreath for my front door. Fresh greenery and flowers, as well as faux ones, potted succulents, and other plants would fit nicely on the Summer Mantel.